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The Bible and Its Influence Test Master


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The Bible and Its Influence: New Breakthrough Bible Textbook Hailed for Use in Public High Schools

Now available! The Bible and Its Influence Test Master

A New Component to Accompany The Bible and Its Influence Student Text

Teachers can use the book of black line masters to assess students’ knowledge of chapter and unit content.

The Test Master includes:
• 39 chapter tests
• 14 unit tests
• 39 chapter test answer keys
• 14 unit test answer keys
* The short Chapter 40 is assessed within the Unit 14 test

Each test includes:
• 10 multiple-choice questions
• 5 fill-in-the-blank questions
• 5 true/false questions
• 3 critical thinking questions

The tests are fully reproducible for classroom work.

The Bible and Its Influence Test Master
ISBN 978-0-9770302-3-1
Price: $30.00 + $8 shipping and handling.


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