What Scholars and Leaders are Saying

What Scholars and Leaders Are Saying About
The Bible and Its Influence

[The Bible and Its Influence] is an undisputed triumph of scholarship and presentation. The achievement is breathtaking….Your [Hebrew Scriptures] unit raised the bar very high, and I was a priori a little skeptical about whether you could make the [New Testament] genuinely literary in nature. I actually ended up liking the NT unit better than the OT one. … If virtue is its own reward, so is excellence. The material is excellent.”
Leland Ryken, Ph.D., the Clyde S. Kilby Professor of English at Wheaton College, IL

"In The Bible and its Influence, the Bible Literacy Project has produced an outstanding textbook that will both encourage literacy and open students’ minds to the significant role the Bible has played in shaping our modern civilization. With excellent scholarship, it provides a broad-based curriculum that explores the history, culture and content of the entire Bible and demonstrates the value and relevance of biblical literacy for today."
Leith Anderson, President, National Association of Evangelicals

“The volume is well done. …I was quite taken with the abundance of supplementary materials included in the text—the artwork (highly variegated and well-chosen), the insets about the Bible in subsequent literature, the Bible in political life, etc. All this, I think is likely to help students see concretely how the Bible is not just a set of ancient documents or something confined to pulpit and Sunday school, but a series of powerful writings that have had, and continue to have, profound effects on a whole range of our cultural institutions and on the way we think about the world.”
Robert Alter, Ph.D., professor of Hebrew and comparative literature, University of California at Berkeley

“This text provides an extraordinarily helpful background—the Bible’s impact on literature, the arts, and life. If anyone is looking for a comprehensive academic understanding of the roots of modern civilization, this book is an indispensable resource.”
Chuck Colson, author and Founder, Prison Fellowship

“It is, on the whole, an excellent job. It will serve as an excellent and even-handed introduction to the Bible. Without question, it can serve as the basis for a constitutional course about the Bible in the Nation’s public schools. It is therefore a signal achievement.”
Marc D. Stern, general counsel, American Jewish Congress

“Familiarity with the literary allusions of the Jewish and Christian scriptures has been the classical mark of a well educated person in Western Society. The Bible Literacy Project’s textbook, solidly researched and professionally written, enables those enrolled in our nation’s public schools to savor that heritage in a way which respects religious freedom and prepares for the rigors of the very best of university education in the arts and sciences. I am pleased to endorse this effort wholeheartedly.”
Richard Sklba, S.S.L., S.T.D., auxiliary bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee and chair of the board of trustees for the Catholic Biblical Association

“It is a pleasure to recommend the textbook produced by the Bible Literacy Project. This book splendidly illustrates the importance of the Bible for understanding western culture. It does so in a way that is respectful towards Jewish and Christian tradition and that also appreciates the light shed on the Bible by modern historical study. It takes an ecumenical approach that avoids confessionalism but is appreciative of the positive role that the Bible can play in our society. It is an excellent illustration of the way the Bible can and should be taught in American public schools.”
John Collins, Ph.D., Holmes Professor of Old Testament Criticism and Interpretation, Yale Divinity School

“As a former secondary school teacher in the Los Angeles City schools, I am concerned about the loss of Bible literacy in this generation and know that it can handicap a student’s understanding of literature, art, music, history and culture. I am greatly heartened by this remarkable new student textbook for public high schools, The Bible and Its Influence, which was created as a legal means to fill a major void in public education- academic study of the world’s most important written document."
Vonette Bright, Co-founder of Campus Crusade for Christ International

“Let me say how impressed I am by this ... It is clear that much hard work and good scholarship have gone into the text. The instructional design is excellent. This promises to be an outstanding resource for public schools.”
Charles C. Haynes, Ph.D., senior scholar, First Amendment Center, Arlington, Virginia

"The Bible and Its Influence textbook is 'fabulous and long overdue.'"
Janice Crouse, Concerned Women for America, from CBN TV Report.

“To be considered fully literate in the arts and letters of Western culture, one needs to know the Hebrew Bible, one of the cornerstones of this culture. This volume provides students with the necessary tools to attain such literacy.”
Ellen Frankel, Ph.D., CEO and editor-in-chief of The Jewish Publication Society

“There is a reason that the Bible has lasted through the centuries as a best-seller… it has something significant to say! Whether it is compelling history, principles for successful relationships, or other “on target” revelations, it is a book that cannot be ignored. I commend The Bible and Its Influence to both the curious and the committed!”
Joseph Stowell, Th.M., former president, Moody Bible Institute

“This text will be especially helpful for high school students in identifying biblical allusions in classic and contemporary literature and thought. In addition, the overview of each book of the Jewish Bible and the Christian New Testament should prove very helpful, along with the identification of specific literary passages and motifs. ... Highly recommended for adoption in classes featuring ‘the Bible as literature.’”
Paul Borgman, Ph.D., professor of English at Gordon College

“This text is a feast for the mind, the eye, and the heart. Instructive, beautiful, and engaging, it promises to keep THE seminal works of the Western tradition alive for generations of young people.”
Amy A. Kass, Ph.D., senior lecturer in the humanities at the University of Chicago and senior fellow at the Hudson Institute

"The Bible and Its Influence is true to the basics ... the Bible, and its moral values. It is a valid, excellent contribution."
Finn Laursen, Executive Director, Christian Educators Association International

“The influence of the Bible on Western culture in every respect—arts and literature, politics and justice—is immeasurable. Thanks to this volume, students can begin to get some sense of the range of that influence. Despite the sensitivity of the subject matter, this volume succeeds in being admirably balanced and fair, and yet accords full respect to sincere religious faith. Too long the Bible has been selectively ignored by educators afraid of giving offense. This volume makes it possible to once again bring into the classroom the book which has had the single greatest impact on Western civilization.”
Frederica Mathewes-Green, M.A., author and commentator

“As a university professor, I see the deleterious effects of student Bible illiteracy on a regular basis. I am pleased to endorse this textbook, which provides the background in Biblical knowledge required for advanced study of the humanities, philosophy, and political life.”
Jean Bethke Elshtain, Ph.D., Professor of Social and Political Ethics at the University of Chicago Divinity School

“The Bible Literacy Project material is an excellent guide for students to come to know the Bible and its influence on our history and culture.”
Emil Wcela, D.D., auxiliary bishop for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre and former chair of the board of trustees of the Catholic Biblical Association

“No piece of western literature has had the culture-shaping impact of the Bible. Knowledge of its genres, metaphors, and content is fundamental to understanding literature, music, art, and politics. The pleasing format, the engaging style, and the compelling and accurate content of this textbook will provide students with the necessary information to become competent and insightful readers of culture and society.”
Tremper Longman III, Ph.D., Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies at Westmont College

“The informational content, accuracy, exposition, illustrations, and tone are all extremely well done, and I congratulate you on a highly accurate and readable presentation.”
Peter Lillback, Ph.D., president of Westminster Theological Seminary

“This is a masterful project. It covers the range of Biblical literature. The illustrations are strong. The sidebars are helpful.”
Thomas Dozeman, Ph.D., Professor of Old Testament, United Theological Seminary

“I am very admiring of it all, as well as extremely heartened by the impulse that has brought it into being.”
Elizabeth Macklin, poet, writer, translator and editor

“The volume integrates the Biblical material with culture, literature, music, and art. In so doing, it fulfills its stated purpose.”
Charles Talbert, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Religion at Baylor University

“Very engaging and positively provocative. Should make a positive contribution.”
Mark C. Johnson, Director of National Executive Initiatives, YMCA of the USA

"The textbook follows a liberal arts methodology, showing the interconnectedness of knowledge across the disciplines. Abundantly illustrated, it is both appealing and educationally rigorous."
Gene Edward Veith, Jr., Ph.D., Culture Editor of WORLD MAGAZINE and Former Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences, Concordia University-Wisconsin.

What English Teachers Are Saying About
The Bible and Its Influence

“We have offered the English Department elective course ‘Bible As Literature’ at our high school for many years. The course was first authorized over 30 years ago. It fell out of popularity for many years and was revived by one of my colleagues about ten years ago. I have been teaching the course since then as have several of my colleagues. We offer the course every other academic year because of the number of electives we offer and it is always a favorite. This year four sections of the course are filled to capacity and I am the sole teacher. For the past years we have simply used the New International Version study Bible as our text and each teacher gathers what ancillary material they can on their own to supplement. Finding The Bible and Its Influence has filled a gap left in our curriculum for this course up until now. The breaking up of the material into units and chapters is incredibly handy and sensible and matches closely to what I have done in the past. The book simply makes my life easier and is a wonderful resource for my students. Now that we are placing an order for student texts, I am looking forward to being able to put a book in each student's hands rather than simply having to use the text as a classroom resource.”
Paula Petersen, public school English teacher, Silverdale, Washington

“When someone first proposed this course, I voted it down because I didn't want to support what I thought might be a watered-down presentation of the Bible. But when I saw the textbook itself, I was thrilled. The Bible and Its Influence is exactly what it needs to be—respectful of the sacred text, instructive, visually exciting and engaging. My students have absolutely loved this course. By the second semester, we had a waiting list for the course.”
Barbara Blinn, public school English teacher, Tilton, New Hampshire

"The Bible and Its Influence is an outstanding resource for the academic study of the Bible in public schools. Bible literacy enhances student understanding of literature, history, music, art and culture. This textbook provides a constitutionally secure approach to teaching what students need to know about the Bible. The elective course in the Bible as Literature has been a successful addition to our program of studies."
Judy Partlow, Administrator (Retired), Wilson County, Tennessee

“Although I have taught Bible literature courses for several years, after using this new textbook with my students, I cannot conceive of going back into my classroom without it. My students have very positively responded to the Bible Literacy Project’s rich, attractive and student-friendly materials.”
Joan Spence,  public school language arts teacher, Battle Ground, Washington

“The Bible Literacy Project textbook was an indispensable tool in my classroom last year. After using the text, my students felt that they acquired a deeper understanding of not only the Bible as literature, but of all the literature that we read throughout the year. Having knowledge of Biblical texts allowed my students to recognize archetypes and allusions in various types of literature as well as in contemporary media. I will continue to use the text in my classroom for years to come!”
Heidi Pike, public school English teacher, Snohomish, Washington

“In my 36 years of teaching Bible literature in public school classrooms, I have never seen a textbook like this one—with such possibilities across the curriculum. It's balanced, well-researched, and sensitive to a wide spectrum of faith traditions. I think students will find it consistently inviting—and thought-provoking.”
David Freitag, (retired) public school English teacher, Portland, Oregon

“I think it’s an excellent reference text. The background, the literary connections, the art work all serve to give a teacher excellent background information for tailoring Bible literature teaching purposes in their own classroom. As a person who has read and studied the Bible for a long time, I was a surprised how much information I learned, for instance, about the structure of Hebrew poetry and the structure of the Book of Ruth.”
Barbara Murray, Assistant Principal, West Linn, Oregon, former English teacher, 2001 Christa McAuliffe Fellow, and 1995 Oregon Teacher of the Year

“This book is extremely ‘student friendly.’ It is interesting, informative, and challenging, and makes connections to contemporary, relevant events. It is objective and unbiased, and is sensitive and non-threatening to students' belief systems. Teachers and students both will enjoy working with this textbook.”
Stuart Rowe, public school English teacher, Vancouver, Washington

“The Bible Literacy Project is contributing significantly to the educational life of our nation with the publication of this important textbook. The academic study of the Bible in our schools has long been omitted. Now we can redress this omission with a splendid new resource, one carefully crafted for the humanities/English classroom.”
Gwendolyn Whitmore, public school English teacher, Portland, Oregon

“The textbook is very readable. I like the charts and the word source sidebars. The editors did a nice job of connecting to current events. The unit features are very strong.”
Bret Freyer, public school English Department Co-Chair, West Linn, Oregon

“I applaud your efforts: good, exciting summary, excellent literature references; good cross-referencing. As I read through each chapter, I felt inspired to include that section in my units. I thought … ‘I can do this. This is manageable. My kids can deal with this.’ The language of each chapter is easy to follow, enjoyable to read.”
Michael Groves, public school English teacher, Portland, Oregon

“A non-threatening approach which would encourage many school systems to incorporate Bible literature into their curriculum.”
Linda Hodges, English teacher, Jefferson County High School, Dandridge, TN


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