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Gospel Advocate:
A Review of The Bible and Its Influence

Reviewed by Dennis Loyd
Associate Editor

Gospel Advocate: A Review of The Bible and Its InfluenceWith all the publicity surrounding the removal of the Bible and biblically related topics from the public classroom. the Biblical Literary Project has produced a volume that they believe will satisfy the first Amendment test and other major objections and will permit the inclusion of such a study in the curricula of high schools around the country. The book is The Bible and Its Influence.

The title suggests a two-pronged approach in the book; first the content of the Bible is presented followed by the influences of the Bible on literature, art, music and culture in general. The book is arranged in 14 units adaptable to a semester or a year's coverage. Each unit takes a section from the Bible, in canonical order, and adds to it appropriate art reproductions, literary allusions, political responses and other evidences of biblical influence that flesh out the topic. Each unit also includes suggested class projects for students to use in developing their understanding of the current subject along with such features as "Cultural Connections," "The Bible in History, “The Bible in Literature," "The Bible in Music." and "The Bible and Culture."

Beautifully printed and bound on excellent paper and employing wonderful design and layout, The Bible and Its Influence certainly should attract the interest of any student serious about studying the message and influence of the Bible.

The Biblical Literacy Project has every hope that public school systems will adopt this book for use in the public classrooms of the nation. Those charged with making such selections should examine this book and give it serious consideration. This is the time of the year when such selections are made in most systems. For those who might have the privilege of teaching such a course, the hook is a treasure house of rich materials from all cultures that have been touched by the Bible.

Efforts have been made in preparing the book to use historical events that bore the imprint of biblical influence. Sections devoted to John Milton are included with the material on Genesis. Space is given to the Civil Rights movement as a reflection of the Exodus story of the Old Testament.

In addition to this student edition, BPI, also has made a teacher's edition available that offers guidance in presenting the material in class. Other materials available from the publisher include a document covering court rulings on the use of the Bible in the classroom.

Although this book would enrich any personal library, not to use it in a classroom setting would be regrettable.


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