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The Bible Literacy Project Affirms the following policy statement:

Focus on the Family Position Statement:
Bible Literacy Electives in Public Schools

We affirm the Bible's far-reaching impact on religion, culture and history, and therefore we believe Bible literacy is important to a well-rounded education.

Public school instruction about the Bible and its many literary and historical influences has been deemed legal by the courts provided that classroom lessons are academic, not devotional, and neither promote nor denigrate religion. We support these guidelines and encourage public schools to offer elective courses in Bible Literacy.

At the same time we call upon schools to honor the parent-child relationship. We firmly believe it's the responsibility of the the family and the Church to instill faith in the next generation. Therefore, schools must safeguard parents' rights to review all curricula, including Bible literacy materials. Schools must also allow parents to decide whether or not their children participating in any study of religion. Further, we strongly urge parents to discuss course content with their children as the school year progresses.

Focus on the Family does not endorse any particular curriculum and favors local school board control and discretion regarding course offerings.


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