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Study: Professors urge schools to teach Bible

American Family Association
August 2006

A survey of English professors at 34 top U.S. colleges and universities yielded a surprising result: Almost every single one said that young people need to know more about the Bible if they were to adequately understand both the classics of Western literature and contemporary work.

“Loss of recognition [of the Bible] in the last three or four decades has put much of Western literature beyond the reach of many readers,” said Dr. David Lyle Jeffrey, who is distinguished professor of literature and the humanities at Baylor University.

What surprised Dr. Marie Wachlin, who did the research for the study on behalf of the Bible Literacy Project, was how much agreement there was among the 39 English professors surveyed.

“The virtual unanimity and depth of their responses on this question were striking,” Wachlin said. “The Bible is not only a sacred scripture to millions of Americans, it is also arguably, as one professor put it, the most influential text in all of Western culture.”

The professors who were surveyed teach at universities which included Yale, Harvard, Stanford and Princeton.

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