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KYTX Television, CBS Channel 19, Whitehouse, TX
Bible literacy classes in demand

Updated: Sep 29, 2010 11:18 PM EDT

Bible classes are growing in Whitehouse, and across the state.

But the class these students are lining up to take is in public schools. These students are trying to expand their knowledge beyond the stories of Adam and Eve, and Cain and Abel, by using a textbook book to see how it all applies to everyday life.

These students at Whitehouse High School are reviewing for a history test, on the Bible.

"I've been to church my whole like, so I know most of the stories and stuff. But, I wanted to see it from an academic stand point," says junior Ali McNulty.

"It's literally looking at the Bible from a social studies perspective and it's impact on Western Civ," says history teacher John Keeling.

John keeling leads students through stories on Adam and Eve, while emphasizing its affects on American culture.

"When you look at it in an academic perspective, per se, all kinds of things start jumping out at you - you didn't notice before," says junior Dalton Dickerson.

And the class is an elective.

"I really am interested in the Bible. I'd like to be a youth pastor, thought it would be very helpful," says Dickerson.

Reaching out to all religions, on all levels.

"You kind of have to be literate in the bible to be literate in what goes on in the world, because people use it as a reference so many times, kind of have to understand it," says McNulty.

To gain a higher understanding of the testament, by the end of the day.

"Usually have to shut it down at the end of the day, kick them out the door because the topics are interesting. As a teacher, I can't ask for more than that," says Keeling.

Keeling says they have to turn students away from the bible course, and he says he'd like to add a second class.

They're turning kids away from the other two elective history classes they offer; the history of American sports, and film.

Law allows these classes because they're not devotional.

More than 100 schools in Texas are now using the same text as Whitehouse High School, and it can be found in 43 states.

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