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Bible Courses Underway In Wood County Schools

Two out of three Wood County high schools are teaching an elective course on the Bible this semester. Both Williamstown and Parkersburg high schools had enough students sign-up to offer one class at each school. South Parkersburg also offered the class, but not enough students signed up.

Wood County Assistant Superintendent Dr. Frieda Owen stresses the class is not about teaching Christianity in the schools, but rather the Bible's impact on two subjects.

"There are so many illusions to the Bible in literature and it has effected the history of our own nation and the world, Owen said.

Twenty-five students are enrolled in the class at Williamstown and 20 at Parkersburg High. The class is using the textbook 'The Bible and Its Influences.'

Dr. Owen says the two educators teaching the classes take a look at the Bible from an academic prospective. "The teacher at Parkersburg High School is an English certified teacher and the teacher at Williamstown High is social studies certified and the two teachers are working together so that both of those focuses will be addressed in the class, she said.

Dr. Owen says she was a proponent of the class because it's such a timely topic.

As for its impact, Owen says that's yet to be seen. They'll monitor the class over the semester and if there's interest from students for next semester they'll likely offer it again.

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