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Bible Study Could Become More Popular

Sky Arnold
Tuesday, April 1, 2008

One State Lawmaker has a plan to bring the Bible to your child's classroom.

Dresden Senator Roy Herron's proposal would help create a state curriculum for classes on the Bible. Currently only 5 school districts in the state offer a Bible elective class.

This school year, Wilson County became one of them. Religion itself isn't endorsed in the course, but students do learn how the Bible has impacted culture and politics.

"You're learning about the Bible and how it's impacted literature, history, art and science," said Mt. Juliet High School Principal Mel Brown.

Senator Herron says he believes more districts would offer the class if his bill passes.

"They can offer a Bible course to their students without having to worry about being sued," said Sen. Herron.

The bill goes before a Senate Committee this week. If it passes, supporters believe the classes could be offered as early as 2009.

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