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Bible Literacy Project's Official Policy on Legislative Initiatives

Courts have ruled that academic study of the Bible is already legal in every American school district. However, state governments may choose to adopt textbooks or legislation regarding Bible courses in order to fund course materials or promote use of these courses.

Because public school courses on the Bible typically address the subjects of English literature, humanities, and social studies, there is not always an obvious place for our textbook to be considered in the textbook adoption process. Legislation should provide state funding to assist local school districts that choose to offer academic courses on the Bible, and ensure that these courses can be credited toward graduation. We favor legislation that does not prohibit the continuation of existing and legally sound public school Bible courses, and which provides a level playing field for all publishers by allowing local districts to choose the curriculum they prefer.

The Bible Literacy Project is a non-partisan movement. We seek broad-based support for our efforts to facilitate academic study of the Bible in public schools.


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