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Bible-Literacy Project Offers Textbook for High Schools

Ann Bradley
Published: September 28, 2005

The Bible Literacy Project, an Arlington, Va.-based nonprofit organization that works to encourage the academic study of the Bible in public schools, unveiled a high school textbook last week designed to meet constitutional standards for use in public schools.

Further information is available from the Bible Literacy Project. The new book, The Bible and Its Influence, was described as the first high school textbook to provide comprehensive coverage of the Bible’s influence on literature, art, music, and rhetoric. A press release describing the book notes that William Shakespeare’s work, for example, includes more than 1,300 biblical references.

Chuck Stetson, the chairman and founder of the organization, said at a press conference in Washington that the book was produced to “satisfy all constituencies involved in the heated public debate about the Bible in public schools.”

The book was reviewed by 40 experts for accuracy, fairness, and scholarship and meets the First Amendment guidelines for informing and instructing, but not promoting religion, the group said.

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