What Teachers and Students Have to Say About The Bible And Its Influence.

With books in more than 580 schools and 43 states we have received a lot of positive feedback.

Check out what our teachers and students have to say about The Bible and Its Influence.


Educators Praise The Bible and Its Influence.
The first textbook designed to teach about the Bible in public high schools

"This book is extremely 'student-friendly.' It is interesting, informative, and challenging, and makes connections to contemporary, relevant events. It is objective and unbiased, and is sensitive and non- threatening to students' belief systems. Teachers and students both will enjoy working with this book."  English teacher, Vancouver, Washington

"The feedback from students and parents has been positive. Students were surprised at what they learned about the Bible text as well as its influence in the world in literature, advertisements, music and art. Thank you for your preparation of the text; it is wonderful." English teacher, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

"I am very impressed with the level of information and the amount of project suggestions. I like the well- rounded approach of providing the influence the Bible has had on literature, art, music, theater, law, etc." English teacher, Sullivan, Indiana

"Institute the class and use the book. It is a wonderful supplement to the Bible: beautiful, well organized, and great for entry level students." English teacher, Douglasville, Georgia

"This textbook is extremely valuable when learning about the Bible's influence on our literature. I loved teaching it." English teacher, Cullman, Alabama

"It is an amazing course! The students are excited and inspired to study this piece of our culture." English teacher, Murrieta, California

"My experience with the text has been positive. It is filled with beautiful photos and works of art and the page layout keeps students engaged. In addition, the content illustrates the Bible's relevance in the student's everyday world." English teacher, Cleveland, Tennessee

"Teaching The Bible and Its Influence this year has been a good experience for me and the students as well. There are so many connections to our country's history and literature with the Bible. This curriculum has helped bridge that gap. The Bible and Its Influence has proven to be a good elective class for juniors and seniors. It is quite challenging." History teacher, Gilmer, Texas

"Our students have received effective tools to enhance their literary studies in my class that alludes to biblical themes, figures, and patterns. Students have a greater chance of identifying and interpreting various points of view and perspectives as a result of using The Bible and Its Influence. I thoroughly enjoy teaching this class!"  English teacher, Rocky Mount, North Carolina


Students Praise The Bible and Its Influence.
The first textbook designed to teach about the Bible in public high schools

"It's the BEST English course I had. I learned a lot of new facts about the Bible and its teaching." V.M.N., age 17, Washington

"This course is one of the best courses because no other book has the influence the Bible does." M.M., age 17, California

"This was without a doubt my favorite course that I took while I was in high school. I am very glad for the opportunity I had to take it. I hope that this is a course that can be expanded on and taught in every school." K.O., age 19, Kentucky

"I didn't even sign up for this class but I'm quite grateful that I was put in here. In fact, despite my initial doubts, Bible has become my favorite course of the year. I love to learn about history and culture and this class is the perfect mix." C.M., age 18, Tennessee

"Before I took this class, I did not realize how integrated the Bible was in modern history, culture and the world I live in. Knowing the background of the Bible has opened my eyes to so many new ideas and ways of thinking." M.M., age 18, Texas

"You shouldn't graduate high school without taking this class. The knowledge you learn will benefit you for the rest of your life... This class has persuaded me to continue studying religion in college." J.J., 18, Georgia

"Taking this course made me pick up the Bible and really read it and learn what the words mean." C.D., age 17, Georgia

"This class has brought things to my attention that I never noticed and never understood." C.B., 17, Missouri

"It has caused me to want to read my Bible." J.A.B., age 17, Tennessee

"This course is a great eye-opener for naive people that say the Bible is irrelevant in everyday life." L.W.K., age 19, Georgia

"It has taught me more than I knew and surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. This class has made me want to read the Bible more to find different stories." N.N., age 17, Tennessee

"In a world of negative influence and pressure, it is important to have a class that will have a positive impact on the students, such as Bible Lit." L.M., age 17, Indiana

"Absolutely my favorite course in all of high school." K.O., age 18, California


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