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The Bible and Its Influence

The Bible and Its Influence is the only First Amendment-safe textbook being taught in America’s public schools.

It is widely acclaimed and broadly accepted in the academic community.

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Bible Literacy Project...   The Bible and Its Influence...
  • Was established in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Is committed to developing quality educational materials to support academic Bible study.
  • Has published the only First Amendment safe textbook for academic Bible study in America’s public schools. Because of the academic nature of the course, it has not faced any legal challenges.
  • Has supported the passage of legislation encouraging academic Bible study in 8 states: Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Arizona, and Arkansas. Missouri and North Carolina are among those states considering similar action.
  • Has gained more than 5 percent market share in 8 states: Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Kentucky.
  • Was published in 2005 and updated in 2011.
  • Has a digital edition in development.
  • Is accepted as the national and international standard for academic Bible study in public schools.
  • Has supported instruction for 100,000 students in 580 schools in 43 states.
  • Helps students better understand English literature, history, art, music, and culture through elective courses for high school students in grade 9-12.
  • Has been featured in TIME Magazine and on the TODAY show.
  • Builds character through daily exposure to Biblical narratives.
  • Continues to influence students’ lives positively. Upon completion of the course, 71 percent of students indicate that they will continue to read the Bible.
Teaching the Bible in Public Schools Teachers Talk About Their Classroom Experience
A national survey high school English teachers A survey of English University
English Professors
First Amendment
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Our textbook has been featured in TIME Magazine
and on the TODAY show!

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